The Labyrinth of Glass and Mirrors

I live in a Labyrinth of Glass and Mirrors, around which I wander, turning this way and that, largely unaware that most of what I think of as “my” decisions are reactions to these invisible barriers and reflections of myself that I mistake for the universe.

And even these decisions, revisions, re-revisions, epiphanies and re-epiphanies that I have and make in reactions to these barriers and reflections are themselves formed more than anything by  barriers and reflections.

I walk a path along a cliffs edge, and it never occurs to me to take a left turn and walk off, because I have a whole bunch of beliefs about my ability to cope with the situation of falling rapidly towards sharp rocks.

We are limited by thousands if not millions of beliefs, and this is largely a good thing. I do not believe I can fly, so I do not try to fly off of tall things. Yay for the Labyrinth!!!

The science varies, but seems in broad agreement we can only keep something like 3-10 things on our mind at a time. So, of course you can’t possibly walk around rethinking every one of your thousands or millions of  beliefs at every second. You would be paralysed by analysis.

But there are some things that are unsatisfactory about this whole arrangement. It is great that I don’t have to constantly re-evaluate the option of walking off the cliff, and just get to choose to walk this way or that way, along the path.

But sometimes the path does not lie along a cliff edge and sometimes the best things in life are some distance from the path.

So, I can decide, right that does it, I’m losing weight.

I can make perfectly sensible plans for that, and…. nothing happens… time after time.

Because, familiar, easy to follow paths start appearing everywhere. With names like, don’t rock the boat, its rude to say no,  keep your head down, be normal, eat or starve,  start tomorrow and on and on…

Is there anything that you want to do?  That somehow never makes it through these elaborate, mostly useful, arrangements of glass and mirrors.



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